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Where AI becomes real.

Our mission is EARLY DETECTION OF CRITICAL HEALTH ISSUES through the use of AI.

We are not just a concept.
We apply AI technology to save lives on a daily basis.
Diagnos is a leader in artificial intelligence and healthcare technical services including algorithm development, data analysis, and image processing ever since 2001.
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Big data doesn’t have to be an enigma. Deep learning can make it simple.
Screening services aimed at preventing vision loss and other detrimental consequences of chronic disease. Supporting an active research and development program which encompasses: Software development, image processing, algorithm development, data mining / artificial intelligence.
Guillermo Moreno Robles
VP Sales, Latin America

What we are doing with the Government of one of the largest provinces in Mexico is historic. Everyday we diagnose people by using AI and our Flare technology. Our system saves people and allows the Government to save millions of dollars.

Yves-Stéphane Couture
VP sales, North America

Every day I see our team in Montreal working tirelessly to develop our AI platform. Every day we can see its positive impact on patients and healthcare partners around the world.  Helping them to detect illness in someone’s eyes gives me great pride, and the ability to prevent blindness brings me hope and joy.   Delivering intelligence and efficiency with technology to better care is truly a dream of an awesome job.

André Larente

I want to improve global health through a digital transformation in the health industry by focusing on Early Detection of critical health issues through the use of Artificial Intelligence. My goal is to use technology to enable doctors and nurses in primary care facilities to monitor closely the effect of diabetes, and other diseases, to ensure no one loses their vison. The power of this approach is based on combining practicable knowledge and technology to prevent the un-detected.

Marc-André Massue
Vp Finances

Yearly eye exams for diabetic patients are a common requirement guideline of almost all endocrinology society and medical diabetic associations around the world. Our CARA (Computer Assisted Retinal Analysis) platform will help to meet this high value requirement.

Dr. Hadi Chakor
Chief Medical Officer

Our preventive cardiovascular risk score test will be used to prospectively predict and monitor the cardiovascular artery diseases. Diagnos’ AI will automatically grade the retinal microcirculation state to generate this score.

You may experience no symptoms until your condition becomes severe. Early detection and treatment can prevent 85% to 95% of blindness cases. We suggest that everyone with diabetes be screened for diabetic retinopathy once a year due to the fact that 347,000 people every year will go blind from a curable disease as they were not screened early enough.